A downloadable Dragon Ball Super

Look what I made! (I'm trying to make this game popular..) https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/124755597 .
I'm making a Pokemon online 3D game after this!


Tell me in the comments if there are any bugs or glitches or anything gone wrong!

. Scratch- 2D Game Engine

. DBZ Test- Game test

Install instructions

First when you install Scratch and the DBZ game file, open up Scratch2.exe

Second, the first file you need to open is Scratch2.exe.

Third, when you open it, you will see a thing that says file at the top right.

Fourth, when hover your mouse down of File until it says open.

It will open up file explorer, choose the file ,DBZ Test file that you downloaded also, if you cant find the file, just look for something that MAY have a cat picture on a blank page. Or just look for a file that says sb2 at the end.

Fifth, Open it.

Sixth, When it opens, press a blue square that should put you into Full screen.

Seventh, HAVE FUN!

If you can't download, just play here, and remember to fave, like, and COMMENT!!

https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/124755597 .
I'm making a pokemon online 3D game after this!


Scratch 2.exe (223 kB)
DBZBETA.sb2 (2 MB)


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